What if I am unsure of my schedule, or what if my work schedule changes?

Register for those days you think you will most likely need. We will accommodate requests for changes if space in the program permits. Let us know as soon as possible. If space in the program is not available, you will be put on a waiting list.

What if I sign up for full-time and later I only need 2 or 3 days?

Due to the great demand for full-time spaces, part-time spaces are limited in number. Full-time registrants may not automatically change days unless an opening exists in the designated part-time spaces. If a part-time opening is available, your change will be accommodated (VICE VERSA also - part-time changing to full-time is not an automatic option but is dependent on availability of full-time space).

What if my schedule varies week to week?

Our program does not operate on a week-to-week basis. A space will be available for your child every week on the days of the week specified on the registration form. The monthly payment is due every month to reserve these days whether or not your child attends.

What if I work part-time and occasionally need an additional day (different from my regular days)?

If spaces are available that day, your request will be accommodated for an additional fee. Check in advance with the Site Director.

Do I get a priority if I work for the Worthington Schools?

To be fair to all working parents, no priority is given to those who work in the Worthington Schools.

What if I move out of the district or do not need care in the fall?

The $40 registration fee is non-refundable. The first monthly tuition payment is refundable with written notice by July 25th.

What if I am moving within the district?

Submit a registration form indicating your new school.  If a currently enrolled family requests a transfer during the current family registration period, they will be enrolled at the new site after current families and before waiting list families.

What if I have applied for Open Enrollment for my child to attend another school? Or my child may attend another school for All Day Kindergarten? Or I might move within the district?

You may apply at only one CAS site. Select the school you believe your child will be most likely to attend. If you find that your child will attend a different school, notify CAS immediately so that he or she may be enrolled at the other CAS site (if space is available) or placed on the waiting list (if the program is full).

If my Kindergarten student is in AM Kindergarten, may he/she attend CAS?

AM Kindergarten students are eligible to enroll only in the CAS morning programs held at Liberty, Slate Hill and Worthington Estates. (CAS staff for afternoon programs do not arrive until final dismissal of classes in the afternoon and are not available when AM Kindergarten is dismissed).  Kindergarten students must be enrolled in All Day, or PM Kindergarten to attend an afternoon CAS program.

If my Kindergarten student is in AM Kindergarten, may he/she be on a waiting list for an afternoon program for the following school year?

No. Only students who are able to attend the program if offered a space (be enrolled in PM or All Day Kindergarten or in first through sixth grade at their Worthington Elementary school) may be on a waiting list.

Are 6th grader students eligible to attend the CAS program?

No. Only students who attend a Worthington Elementary School may attend the CAS program at their school.

Do I have to register my children every year?

Yes. Every family interested in enrollment must complete registration each school year.

What if we're on a waiting list for this school year when registration for next school year begins?

If you register during the designated registration period your child(ren) will keep their spot on the waiting list and continue to move up as spaces become available. Waiting list families receive priority registration behind currently enrolled families. If your family is on a waiting list at the time of registration, your registration fee will be waived.