Electronic Payments

Electronic payments can be made through Tuition Express.

Tuition payments may be made electronically (our preferred tuition payment method) by registering for Tuition Express. An authorization form and voided check must be received at least one week prior to the tuition due date in order for electronic deductions to begin that month. To disable your Tuition Express account, notice must be received at least five business days prior to the tuition due date. A non-sufficient funds fee will be assessed if your Tuition Express account number changes and CAS does not receive an updated Tuition Express Authorization form with a voided check at least one week prior to the tuition due date.

To get started, please download, print and fill out the CAS Tuition Express form, which has been customized for CAS use.  Please do not use the application form on the Tuition Express website.

Please note that forms cannot be completed electronically. They must be printed, completed by hand, and a voided check attached.  You can learn more about the Tuition Express program at their website.

Download the Tuition Express application form here.