Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of $40 per family is due at the time of application. Registration does not guarantee enrollment.


Tuition is an annual rate divided into nine monthly installments. The amount of the payment due each month is the same, regardless of the number of days of school or attendance, except for August and May, which are half of the standard monthly payment. Holidays and other scheduled school days off are not included in the calculation of the annual rate. There will be no credits or refunds for calamity days or absences. A space will be reserved every day of the week for full-time participants. For part-time participants, only those two or three days of the week specified at the time of application will be reserved.

Monthly Tuition Payment

The first monthly payment is due upon enrollment. Thereafter, tuition payments are due the first of the month September through May. We recommend signing up for auto-pay through the Parent Portal

2021-22 Standard Monthly Tuition

Full-time - 4-5 days/week $110 $250
Part-time 3 days/week  $85  $200
Part-time 2 days/week   $70 $160






Payments are made through our Parent Portal.

All registration and tuition payments must be made through our Parent Portal. Families are responsible to keep their account information up-to-date. A non-sufficient funds fee will be assessed if your account number changes and you have not updated the portal. We encourage all families to sign up for auto-pay. We accept credit/debit as well as ACH. There is a 3% processing fee for credit/debit payments.

If you do not use auto-pay, you are responsible to login monthly and use the one-time payment function to pay the tuition in full.

 Additional Charges

Late Payment Fee

Tuition payments are due the first of each month September through May. A late fee of $25 will be assessed for any payment that is not received by 6 PM on the last school day of that week (usually a Friday).

If payment is not received by the last day of the 2nd week after the tuition due date your child(ren) will be suspended for one week, or until payment is made.

If the account is not paid in full during the week of the suspension, your child(ren)'s enrollment will be discontinued. Reinstatement is available only if space is available in the program, the account is paid in full, an additional $40 registration fee is paid, and the family is enrolled in auto-pay for all future payments.

Excessive late payments may result in discontined enrollment.

Late Pickup Fee

The CAS program ends at 6:00 PM, and we ask that all children be picked up by that time. Since staff have evening responsibilities and are not expected to remain after 6:00 PM, a fee of $10 will be assessed for each five (5) minutes after 6:00 PM a parent is late (e.g., 6:06 arrival will result in a $20 fee). If a child has not been picked up by 6:30 PM and attempts to contact parents and emergency contacts have been unsuccessful, the police and Franklin County Children's Services may be called. CAS reserves the right to terminate enrollment for recurrent late pick-up. The late pick-up fee will also be assessed beginning one hour after the time a parent is contacted to pick up a child for any reason including illness, behavior, etc. Excessive late pick-ups may result in discontinued enrollment.

Non Sufficient Funds Fee

A fee of $30 will be assessed for each non-sufficient funds notification. The amount of the payment plus the $30 fee must be paid by money order. Should there be a second non-sufficient funds notification, all future payments must be made by money order only. The non-sufficient funds fee will also be assessed if your account number for auto-pay changes and you have not updated your account information.

Trace Fee

As a safety precaution, CAS will trace any child who is absent on a day he or she is scheduled to attend unless we have been informed of the absence. The trace procedure includes contacting parents and emergency contacts, and possibly calling the police. Parents are asked to notify CAS of their child's absences by advising a staff member, emailing the CAS site, or leaving a message on the site's voice mail prior to 2:00 PM.  Because of the seriousness of involving police and because implementing the trace procedure takes a staff member away from the group for a period of time, a fee of $10 is assessed for any unnecessary trace (i.e., parents were aware of the absence, but did not inform CAS). Excessive unnecessary traces may result in discontinued enrollment.

AM Drop-In Fee

For families already enrolled in CAS, drop-in care is available at most before school programs. Please give 24 hours notice for the mornings you would like your child to attend. Payment is due the day of attendance unless your family participates in auto-pay, in which case the next electronic tuition payment will be adjusted. The AM drop-in service is $10 per child per day.

PM Drop-In Fee

A limited number of drop-in spaces may be available for students who are enrolled part-time in after school programs. Call or email your CAS site to check availability. Please give 24 hours notice for the afternoons you would like your child to attend.  Payment is due the day of attendance unless your family participates in auto-pay, in which case the next electronic tuition payment will be adjusted. The PM drop-in service is $15 per child per day. 


Parents may print tuition receipts and annual statements on-line through the Parent Portal.

CAS Federal Tax Identification Number

The Federal Tax ID Number for Care After School is:  31-1123932

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available for families who qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Please contact the CAS Administrative Offices for more information about how to apply for assistance.